Gene predisposition in liver diseases


  • Antesar Rheem Obead Department of Science, College of Education, Babylon University, Hilla, Iraq
  • Fadhel Omarn Essa Department of Science, College of Education, Babylon University, Hilla, Iraq
  • Haider Rasol Abbass Alwahami Department of Science, College of Education, Babylon University, Hilla, Iraq


farnsoid X receptor, ATP binding cassette, liver diseases


Hepatitis is defined as inflammation of liver cells. The liver is the largest organ in the body and weighs approximately 1.3 kg in adults. The liver has one of the most important and largest metabolic functions in the body as it contributes to the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and works to synthesize a number of raw materials For proteins such as albumin and fibrinogen, it works on the production of different enzymes, formation and secretion of bile, and is responsible for removing poisoning or mitigating the toxic properties of some substances and drugs (drug intoxication), as well as working on storing proteins, glycogen, and various vitamins and minerals. study the association stuck between liver disease (LD) and concentration of gene predisposition with develop of liver diseases.


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